About Us

Transportation Control Systems, Inc., also known as “TCS”, was established in 1999 as a women-owned business.   TCS customizes solutions for transit and defense systems and is a #1 supplier of assemblies and wire harnessing.  We partner with customers such as Alstom, Bombardier, Curtiss Wright, Dellner, FUJI, Kinkisharyo and Toyo Denki.  We have been awarded small, medium and large contracts to include prototyping, assembling and specialized kitting.

TCS’ manufacturing process is continuously changing to eliminate waste and deliver products to our customers more efficiently and free of defects.  We have the ability and flexibility to adjust our business structure to meet our customers' requirements.

Our Team

Employee empowerment is crucial to the success of our organization, promoting diversity and high ethical business standards and practices.  We are a team, with each member contributing their talents.  Our production team brings years of technical expertise, creativity and dedication to the production floor.


Our Quality Inspector has worked for Transportation Control Systems, Inc. for five years.  He brings 30-plus years experience with him in the electro-mechanical field.

Our Test Technician has an Associate’s Degree in Manufacturing Process Technology and has worked for TCS for 15 years.  He brings 30-plus years in the electro-mechanical transit field. 

Our Lead Technician has worked with TCS for six years.  Machining and Electronic Assembly are his specialities.   He brings creativity to our production facility by designing “fixturing” for our customers.  Working in Mexico and in much of the Southwestern United States adds depth to his experience.


We are a contract manufacturer that will partner with your organization.  Our flexibility allows for adaptation like no other company. We manage large, medium or small contracts from prototyping to production.   Our fixed overhead cost and flexible work space allow for cost-effective pricing.  


TCS seeks new opportunities to grow as a lean manufacturer of quality products.  We have the space and labor availability to accommodate new and existing projects.


We are conveniently located at the University of Pittsburgh’s U-PARC facility in Harmar Township.
U-PARC offers 24 hour security and free parking.